Welcome onboard Chaos.

We are reluctant to trust you, though we accept that your willingness to arrive here is proof enough of your curiousity.
The otherwordly nature of our role has brought about a reformation of sorts within the crew. Our schism was essentially just a division between the strong and the weak here on Chaos. The ship itself is reliant on a team that still cannot reconcile their methods with one another, and as such the resulting mess has brought you here, to us, to Chaos.

We need your skills before we can begin reassigning tasks to the remaining crew members. Of the group that has left Chaos, there was among them several engineers and resource workers that took with them important research. Finding these deserters and retrieving our information is everyone's top priority at the moment. Before we can focus our efforts entirely on this operation, here are some words of advice..

Make no mistake, we are weary of all outsiders here, however we do welcome you warmly into your new home, with the intention that you shall be an outsider no more.

I have left several documents in your cabin, explaining our situation and needs. Our last captain fled in fear of mutiny during the division, and you can also find his captain's log in your cabin quarters with the rest of his belongings.